This blog has writing by Sunny Drake – you can find out more about his theatre shows and other work on his website

Sunny Drake photo by Tania Anderson  (575)

Sunny Drake & associates produce, create and tour exceptional multi-disciplinary work by queer and trans artists. We create work which transforms our world through magical, quirky, humorous and connected stories and experiences. We surprise audiences with the wide variety of people who relate to the works, whilst being firmly grounded in queer and trans aesthetics and stories and prioritizing stories under-represented in mainstream cultural and sexual spaces.

Sunny Drake is a writer, performer, producer & educator. He has toured his award-winning theatre shows to over 55 cities in Australia, the USA, Canada and Europe. “No Strings (Attached)” has been translated into three languages. For “X”, he won the 2013 SummerWorks RBC Arts Professional Award, as well as being named by NOW Magazine for “Outstanding Performance” and “Outstanding Design”.  He is the author of a blog which uses personal story (and sometimes hand puppets!) to explore femme, queer and trans* politics on a variety of topics including relationships, bodies, sobriety, sexual assault, anti-racism and misogyny with over 70,000 readers in the past year. He is currently working on a new play, a screenplay and setting up a small arts studio in Toronto. Sunny is also the Emerging Creators Unit Director at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre –the worlds longest-running and largest queer theatre. Sunny was born and grown on Indigenous Jaggera-Turrabul land (Brisbane, Australia) and now lives in Toronto.

Sunny has over 15 years professional experience in the arts, university and community sectors, as a consultant, educator, facilitator, strategic planner and project manager and has run over 280 workshops.

320 Sunny (6595) Small Edited Version

Sunny Drake

Toronto, Canada












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Photos by Tania Anderson…

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Sunny,

    Guerrilla Feminism shared your “Racism is to white people…” post on Facebook, which is how I find myself here. Because I found this page, maybe you can answer a completely unrelated question for me?

    Why is there a tradition of artists speaking/writing about themselves in the 3rd person? I went to art school, I know other artists, and this is a thing…but why? A jarring contrast to the vulnerability and intimacy of 1st person writing…especially in such a personal space as this….hmmm…just got my wheels spinning is all. Maybe you don’t have an answer. But I did enjoy the article, so thanks for that.

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